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Welcome to The Cense Academy, a new way to learn designed for how we live, work, and create and respond to change.

The Cense Academy is designed to help you learn the foundational skills of innovation, adaptation and change-making: design, behavioural psychology, evaluation, systems thinking, and strategy, all in one place.

Your Innovation Learning Platform

Your challenges are unique to your needs, context and situation so why should your learning be off-the-shelf and generic?

Sometimes we need something simple to solve a specific problem and other times we need new ways of thinking. With The Cense Academy, you don’t have to choose.

The Cense Academy is designed to fit how we learn in ways that fit our preferences and needs and is based on the science of learning and behaviour change. It’s not just courses but a whole platform.

We specialize in customized learning designed for your situation, knowledge base, needs and wants.

Want to find out more? Read about how we approach education and training for innovation and impact.

Join the Cense Academy, begin your journey, and ride the waves of change through innovation.

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