Learning and Engagement

The Cense Academy takes a dynamic and holistic approach to provide a learning experience that is as unique as you are. We recognize differences in how we learn to suit our preferences and needs when we can apply our learning and the media that facilitate this. 

When you enrol in the Cense Academy you become part of a community of learners who are available to learn with you. You’ll have access to course content across the platform that includes:

  • Social media feeds for quick-look topics
  • Single-topic lessons and short-form posts, videos and podcasts
  • Full-length courses and coaching
  • A dedicated community of fellow learners.

Creating Waves of Change

The platform builds on learning theory and behavioural science to help you to learn what you need, when you need it, in ways that help you build knowledge in ways that serve you in a variety of contexts.

Using the metaphor of water we can think of making these waves through drops, ripples, and tides.


Small, single ideas conveyed with a single image, text or link.

Instagram: @censeacademy Instagram ‘daily dose of Innovation’ feed

Twitter: @censeacademy Twitter feed


Simple ideas on a single topic that require just a little focus and time.

Censemaking Blog: These are your innovation briefs: commentary, evidence, and ideas about the art and science of change and change-making.

Cense Innovation Tool & Method Learning Library: A host of methods, tools, strategies, and approaches to supporting innovation.

Censemaking Innovation NewsletterA bi-weekly summary of tools, ideas, news, and events that support innovation delivered straight to your inbox.

Videos: Our Youtube channel features short-form videos and recordings from our webinars and events.

Censemaking Podcast: The Censemaking Innovation Podcast features audio takes on the ideas we cover on Censemaking in depth and designed for those who’d rather listen than read.


Go deeper into topics with these approaches – customized for situation and topic. .

Webinars: Public events that bring people together to learn together on a specific topic.

Courses: Full on-demand online courses that include content that can be consumed independently and through regular ‘classroom’ times and office hours. It’s like your own innovation university in your pocket or desktop.

Coaching: One-to-one coaching and support tailored to individuals and organizations looking to address specific issues or build capacities for doing innovation and learning.

Community: The Cense Academy Discord community (available with registration) is a live online space for discussion (using text and voice, optional) and sharing ideas learned as part of the Academy.

Follow all of the lessons across these platforms using the hashtag: #CALearn