Your learning needs have a pathway.

The Cense Academy is a multi-media learning platform designed to train, inspire and support people seeking to learn the art and science of change-making by design – innovation

Cense Academy is about learning the content, mindset, skillset, and tools that allow people to create new products, services, and policies. 

We are guided by principles that are put in place to ensure you get an experience that supports your needs and desires to create positive change in a way that is useful, engaging and effective. 

Content is designed to be dynamic, practice-oriented, grounded in the best research, and able to be searched and applied when and how you need it. It’s designed around your needs, not a set plan for a course format. 


The Academy is guided by twelve design principles.  

  1. Accessibility: Language, formats, and media allow lessons available to people of different abilities, means, and circumstances. 
  2. Diversity: We reflect many different perspectives, contexts, and viewpoints of our learners. 
  3. Dynamic: Content is created and updated continually to reflect the evolving nature of evidence and changes in the world. 
  4. Evidence-informed: We draw on the best evidence to provide you with content you can count on. 
  5. Multisensory: We use all your senses to learn through providing material in different formats and encourage experiences that use your eyes, ears, and body to learn. 
  6. Portability: Our material is designed to be used where and when needed. 
  7. Positive: We believe that our challenges are best met with optimism, hope, and a spirit of generosity. 
  8. Practical: Whether theory, tools, skills, or frameworks, we believe that what you learn must facilitate use and application in the world. 
  9. Responsible: Our lessons, tools, and materials strive to foster care for the world and its people. 
  10. Self-Determination: The Academy is designed to help individuals assert their values and strive toward their goals. 
  11. Timeliness: Our platform is designed to support learning when you need it, where you need it.  
  12. Wholeness: We recognize innovation is best done when it supports our learner’s whole selves — their body, mind, spirit, and community.