Innovation 101: The Fundamentals


A comprehensive course that teaches you the fundamentals of how to innovate from design, psychology, marketing, and evaluation all together to take you from idea to impact.

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This course will teach you how to innovate from top to bottom. Whether it is about creating something brand new or taking your existing business, product, service and adapting and growing it this course will teach you the fundamentals of innovation.

This course will walk you through the four elements of innovation: framing, creating, product qualities, and materials.

Whether you are a small business selling products, a large corporation selling services, a hospital providing care, or a government agency implementing policies, this course is designed to help you with innovating: making change happen, by design.

You will learn:

  1. The psychology of innovation from understanding consumers to motivating and caring for your innovation team
  2. Design + Design Thinking: from generating ideas to creating impact
  3. Organizing for Impact: how to build and support innovative teams
  4. How to see and work with the hidden forces that shape our markets (systems thinking for innovators)
  5. Implementing and communicating your product and service
  6. Evaluating the impact of your innovation on the world

And much more.

This course is a foundational course aimed at anyone who is looking to generate change in their business, organization, or community. Your registration includes a lifetime membership in the Cense Academy, which includes:

  1. 24/7 – 365 days a year lifetime access to the course content for as long as it is being offered. You can re-visit it anytime.
  2. Resource guides: Toolkits and manuals for making change happen
  3. Invitation to exclusive special events
  4. Office hours where you can get personalized feedback and support from our instructor
  5. Exclusive opportunities for coaching and community events
  6. Newsletter with insider updates and lessons
  7. Membership in the Cense Academy Learners Network with a real-time, online community for learners

Please watch this space for the next session of this course (2023 – pre-registration coming soon)

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